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Our passion is creating live entertainment experiences that transport guests from their everyday lives, through unparalleled line-ups and forward-thinking production and venue creativity.


Entertainment has changed. Witnessing is no longer enough. People demand more than a generic, one-size-fits-all experience. Through our range of productions and programming, we go beyond captivating. We exist to make an impact and inspire people to participate. To act, think, appraise and behave differently. And to take every single guest somewhere beyond their own imagination.

"Our aim is to create experiences that stick with people on an emotional level"


We own, operate and curate some of the most exciting entertainment productions in the world. Together, we capture the imagination of people from all over the world who travel to experience first-hand the performances we create, and the millions more who tune in to view the content from home.


  • Field Day
  • Thin Air
  • The Hydra

Partner Brands

  • Defected
  • Anjunadeep
  • Afterlife
  • Warehouse Project
  • Soundcrash
  • Live Nation
  • AEG